My first brevet

Monday, January 23, 2006

Nothing major or exciting this week.

My weight is stable (unfortunatelly) and I spent some time in my 'training area' - 55kms on Saturday and 80kms on Sunday.

This time I did the runs at a higher pace - I aimed at a higher cruising speed of 30-33 kph. The 'almost century' of last week was a lot easier. I believe that I have started to developed a good base - I can see it when I compare my HR and speed on the same sections of the road. I will start putting in some higher intensitiy intervals over the coming weeks, and definetelly after the brevet I will change the focus of my training and start increasing the instensity and shorten the duration. I believe that by springtime I will be ready to step up a gear with my training.


Odometer : 838kms
Weight : 119kg


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