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Thursday, January 12, 2006

No century for KDK ....yet

The previous weekend was another 'missed opportunity'.

I really need 4 to 5 hours free to complete my Century - one hour to get to and from Marathon and to pack/pack and approximatelly 4 hours riding time (includes my short stops for stretching). It seems that to find 5 hours is impossible.

Saturday I spent the whole day in the house DIYing - my wife decided to 're-arrange' things and bought some furniture from IKEA. For those that don't know, IKEA is a fantastic store - good quality and value for money furniture with one have to assemble everything yourself at home.

So when the 'question' was asked on Friday "Honey, will you be able to help me on Satarday to finish our house" (bold are the keywords - married men should understand) I did not have any real choices. I thought that it would only take a couple of hours so what the hell - I would go to train later.

Well things NEVER go according to plan (my plan). We woke up on Satarday and when I said - "ok lets start" the trap was beginning to close and I could not do anything about it - "Oh, since you are here, lets go to the supermarket first to do our shopping and then we will start". How can you refuse ?

So we did the supermarket thing and returned home ... to cut a long story short what I thought was a 2 hour delay in MY plan became a full day's work. I put frames on the walls (5 minutes to drill the hole and 25 minutes to decide where to drill it !!!), shower curtains, assembled tables .... and by 3:30 I finished everything !! "Oh honey you should go now before it gets dark"

So by the time I arrived and started riding it was almost 5:00 and getting dark. I just could not ride until 9:00 so instead of getting annoyed with the way things turned out I decided to do my best. So I did about 2 hours at a brisk pace and called it a day... I would try for the century the next day. But was not meant to be. I overslept and lost the first hour and as I had to be home by only did bout 70kms.

Ι am very encouraged as -
  • It is getting easier
  • I am getting faster (at any given heart rate)
  • I hurt less !! (the new saddle has helped a lot)


  • wait for your wife to find out about this blog and we'll see who'll be able to go out riding for all this time :evil:

    By Blogger ttoppouzokypraios, at 7:24 PM  

  • I am in the same DIY mess this year. Could it be a DIY virus spreading across North Athens women. Don't know. I feel the house is OK after its 100th "touch - up" yet noooop there is still something to add up and something to rearrange, probably a conspiracy depriving me of anything I try to find at home. Thank God I can only use a drill and cannot (by firm declaration) do PAINTING.

    By Blogger Toby, at 1:11 PM  

  • PS. I assume ttop is certainly joking about letting our wives learning about blogs

    By Blogger Toby, at 1:13 PM  

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