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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year! I am running a bit late with my updates as the holiday spirit took over me! I have not given up though – brevet time is closing in.

Bike wise the New Year’s weekend was good. I did not manage to break my first metric century as I had planed but … no worries.

Saturday 31.12 - By the time I finished all of my household duties, the time left for cycling was limited. I loaded the bike on the car and went to the nearby flatlands to attempt to break the 100km mark. It was not meant to be. I arrived at the parking lot and discovered that I had left behind my multitool and that meant that I could not adjust my new saddle. (I forgot to mention that in my quest to find a comfortable riding position I bought a Selle San Marco Regal, based on the excellent reviews by long distance riders.) I was really annoyed!!!!! I almost said £"!@$ it and lets go home” but I decided to ride - perhaps if I could find a hardware store or a gas station I could borrow that no6 hex key.

Well no-one was open on New Years Eve at that part of the world but by that time I decided to continue and I soon forgot about the riding position as I discovered that my cycling had improved compared to last week. I could maintain a speed of 28 to 30 kph and still be in my aerobic zone. That was a welcome surprise for me. So I kept going and going and going ....... yes I could maintain a descent pace. I did about 60 kilometres and I decided to call it a day and make my way home to get ready for the evening.

Sunday 1.1 - Woke up very early and by 8 o’ clock I was riding. It felt even better than the previous day’s ride. Perhaps yesterday’s ride prepared by body. I again maintained a respectable pace for about 55 kilometres and but again had to return as my parents were to visit us for the New Year’s lunch. I do not think it would go down very well if they arrived before I did. In addition my …. behind was a bit sore from the yesterday’s ride (with the badly adjusted saddle) so I decided to cut it short and head home.

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend - Always check your seat bag before you leave home! The parking lot is the worst place to discover that you have left behind your multitool ! I will definitely check all my stuff before I leave home for the brevet.


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