My first brevet

Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year's resolutions

Any decent blogg should have this so here I go . This is what I will strive to accomplish in my cycling carrer during 2006 ! (the brevet does not count ;-) )
  1. Lose weight or rather lose the fat. I have a lot of fat and I hate carrying it around when I ride. I have done well these last couple of years but I still huff and puff on the uphills. If by the end of 2006 stabilise at around 100kgr I will consider it a major success.
  2. Improve my technique - I will work on the technique after I finish the brevet. First of all I need to gain confidence when I am clipped in my mountain bike - if I manage to do that I will elevate my technique one solid step.
  3. MTB - Learn how to trackstand
  4. MTB - Learn how to unweigh the bike - front and rear (or both at the same time)
  5. MTB - Be able to ride down the St. George Trail from the beginning to the end with no dabbing.
  6. MTB - Do one major trail-ride round Mt. Parnitha.
  7. Road - Conquer the St. Peter's ascend. (8kms at 6%)
  8. Road - Climb the Pissia ascend comfortably. (similar) DONE !!!!
  9. Road - Drop my time in the ascend to my house (800 metres at 10%) to under 4:30 (best up to now 5:25)
I think that if I a manage to do #1 the rest will be easy !!!

Happy New Year !!!
Καλή Χρονιά !!!


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