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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Second report - need to adjust to circumstances

This was another 'almost wasted' week. Some unfortunate problems meant that I had to stay indoors and spend more time with the family instead of going out to train. These events have shown that unless someone is a professional athlete, or is alone in this world, then plans cannot be religiously followed otherwise too much strain is put on personal relationships.

Anyway….this weekend I limited myself to small rides (35 kilometres each) close to my house. I have found a good stretch of open road that runs along the National Highway and traffic is relatively light. I can do loops of 10 kilometres each almost uninterrupted - and if I add another 10 kilometres to get to the road and return to the house and it looks that I have found my perfect training ground.

I felt very good. The temptation to let myself lose and cycle like a mad man was too great – looking at an open stretch of road in front is tempting isn't it? But I made a conscious effort to keep myself within my aerobic limits. Actually I was lucky as the road has a slight incline but the wind was blowing quite strong against me on the descend, and helping me during the ascend. This wind helped me maintain my heart rates within the limits without having to ride as slow as a snail !!! Very good.

I again started to feel the saddle by the end of the ride. I have not tried my MTB saddle yet, I hope to do it over this long weekend, as I am planning on two longer rides of 80-90km this time.
Weight ? That is a very frustrating story. Even though I avoided making all the mistakes I do every day, i.e. stopped snacking and limited my carbohydrate intake I have not lost a single %$”!”£@ gram!! It is very, very frustrating !!! To be honest I feel a bit lighter and the working clothes feel slightly loser than two weeks ago but still the scale is stuck at 120kgrs !!! I do not know – I will insist with my diet and perhaps one day I will walk on the scale and see that I have lost 2-3 kilos in one week.


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