My first brevet

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Lets get starterd, shall we ?

The plan is to gradually increase my base mileage in order to be comfortable with say 120-140ikm rides by the beginning of February. So, since my usual long ride is 50km long and I should aim to 150km in say 8 weeks, my plan is to be able to so 100km rides by the end of this month and in increase the rides to 150kms by the end of January.

I will do one long ride every Sunday, and during the week I will try to spend 1 to 1.5 hours per day on the bike doing aerobic rides. I think that, excluding the Sunday ride, I will be able to put in 150 to 200 kilometres per week which I think its do-able.

In addition I think that I will need to do some middle body strengthening exercises (abs and back).

Thats the plan as of now and I am sure it will change as the weeks pass by.

OK there are 10 weeks to go and lets do a status check

Week ending 11/12/05

Weight - 120kg
Waist -
Odometer - 130 kms
Resting HR - 60bpm


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