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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I feeeel good !!

Yesterday, as soon as everyone went to bed in my house, I dressed up and went for a ride!! It was quite funny as I was discussing with myself :

Me - "Shall I go out ?"
Myself - "Are you crazy? Its late, dark and freezing cold. Stay inside and watch the TV !!"
Me - " $@£* off - I am going out!!"

and I did. I dressed up, loaded the bike on the car and went straight to the 'training ground'. I parked the car in a well lit supermarket parking, and as I got ready (clear glasses, helmet, gloves, reflective vest etc) everyone was looking at me as if I arrived from Mars. I jumped on the bike and went.

It was very cold (about 2 degrees Celsius) but was not windy. Without realising it I was travelling the 'downhill' bit at about 45kph without any serious effort!!! I really felt fantastic. On the uphill part I was going at about 20 to 25 kph and I did three loops. On the beginning of the third loop the endorphines must have started flowing in my system and I let myself loose. I sprinted on the downhill, sprinted on the uphill, I was jumping over potholes and slaloming between the metal reflectors on the road surface ..... I was having a great fun day with my road bike - I knew I could have fun with my mountain bike, but never realised that a road bike can be so fun as well. Ttoppy you are right !!!! I started shouting on my own (at about 11:00 at night I was all alone on the road) things like "Where is the f$£"ing chain of this bike (*) ", "Are there three granny gears on this bike? (**)".

Felt good!!! I am looking forward to today’s party!!!

* A joke that the USPS team used to say amongst themselves. It means that you are so strong that you turn the cranks so easily as if no chain is installed!!

** Similar to above. The granny gear is the smaller of the bikes chainrings and is relatively light. It also means that I felt so strong that even the largest ring felt like a feather


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