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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Target # 1 in sights - Metric Century !!

I believe that I am ready. This weekend I plan to break the 100km mark.

My longest ride has been about 70kms so I think that the 100 is a good possibility. Again, the idea is not just to do the 100 as I am sure that I can do it if push it. The aim is to do the 100 and feel OK afterwards !! I will go for my usual route and add a section in the middle of the ride. I will add enough kilometres in order to reach or exceed the 100km mark by the time I return home.

If I manage to complete it sucesfully, then I know that I will be right on target. I want by the end of January to be able to complete a 120-150 km ride comfortably.

Lets see.... only time will tell - I am confident though.


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