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Monday, February 06, 2006

Back on the road again

Well after the MTB break, Sunday was a road ride day.

I was aching all over from the MTB ride. To be honest I was a bit disappointed as I thought that all of this road training would suddenly transform me into a fitness king but I crash landed back to reality - going uphill on a mountain bike on the dirt roads involves a different kind of fitness that I have obviously not been working for the past two months.

But to be honest I was in a much better condition than ever before - my recoveries were excellent and most of the duration of the ride I was very comfortable.

Back on the road bike again then with my new tights this time - I managed to get an Assos bib-tight and tried it for the first time. It is certainly better than anything I had before - better fit, smoother materials; you almost forget that you wear one. But my ...behind was already hurting from yesterday's ride and could not tell a difference on the padding.

I set off very late and only did about 35 kilometres - I knew that time was limited so I tried to maintain a faster pace than normal. My legs were heavy from the MTB ride and I was hurting in the beginning but as the ride progressed I 'loosened' and I started feeling better and better.

The weather gods though were not feeling like me – it started to drizzle and gradually it built up into a downpour. In a funny, masochistic sort of way I loved it !! Bring it on I shouted and pressed on. I was already soaking wet and could not become any worse I thought. So I turned on my backlight and pressed on into the rain – I would finish my loop no matter what. On my way back the conditions were worse – rain and a headwind, but I was already ‘in the mood’ so I did not care. The Doors song “Riders on the Storm” was playing in my mind. I could see the heads turn inside the cars that were passing my and I gave them a big smile – I wanted to show to people that I enjoy what I do and I was not an unfortunate cyclist that was caught in the rain !!

I finished the ride a very happy man. Yeap I am a bid mad ….but fellow cyclists should understand (I hope...)


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