My first brevet

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

B day minus 3.....

Ok three more days to go. I had my medical test today - a full check up. I need a doctor's certificate in order to participate and I took the opportunity to have a complete medical - blood and urine test / chest x-ray / eye test / other test and of course a ...heart test.

It was quite funny - as I have previously mentioned, my physique does not cry out "He is an athlete!!!" So I get ready for the heart tests and the doctor plugs me into his ECG machine. I am resting on his examination bench and I see a surprise in his face - I do not think that he expected that my resting hear rate was so low (in the high 50s) for a person in my shape. So he puts me on the treadmill and we start the stress test. As I was walking I could see my heart rate on the monitor - it rose to 100 and as the test progressed it started to fall and stabilised in the 90s. The next level it stabilised again and I was enjoying that the doctor's face was happy. He took my blood pressure at every stage and noted it down. The machine increased the pace every couple of minutes and it also increased the incline. I was now starting to feel the pain - not in my heart thank god but in my butt muscles that were trying to stabilise me on the now steep and fast treadmill - and then disaster. The treadmill (probably an old one) could not keep up with my weight and started making funny noises. It was starting and stopping and I could not carry on the test as it became dangerous. So he stopped it and put me on the bed to rest.

After I got dressed I asked him the question :

KDK -"I need a paper from you doc, which states that I am fit to participate in an athletic event" (how the hell do you explain what a brevet is!)

Doc - "Running?"

KDK -"No cycling!!"

Doc - "Cycling ? How many kilometres?" he said full of surprise.

Hmmm I thought - if that guy hears 200kms he will either refuse or call the psychiatrist next door to examine me.

KDK -"Well doc, its not a race, it’s like a long stroll, nothing demanding, but you see the organisers need a medical note - its beuracracy really " I said in my most inoccent manner.

Doc - "Well, ok" he said and wrote something.

DONE!!!! Tomorrow I am going to enrol.

By the way I am looking forward to the blood/urine results on Monday in order to compare them to the ones I had 2 years ago (same weight but still a smoker with no training) AND the ones of four years ago (+30kilos, smoker and absolutely no training).


  • Well done Costas! Very inspiring blog. Keep on with the good work of inspiring the ... rest of us.

    By Blogger Toby, at 7:08 PM  

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